Why become a translator

Why become a translator?

Language is one of the biggest mysteries in the world. To date, no one knows exactly how language originated, and all that people come up with are theories and hypotheses that aim to explain how languages ever came to being. Today, there are as many as 5,000 to 7,000 languages that are currently used throughout the world.

When it comes to the number of speakers, Chinese is the most widely-spoken, with approximately 2 billion speakers, which does not come as a surprise, given that China is the most populated country in the whole world.

In the global scale, however, English is the lingua franca, or the language chosen by majority of the countries as the language to communicate in. Communication would only ensue the moment people are able to understand each other, and the only means in order for understanding to take place in the most efficient means possible is for them to speak a common language, or at least be proficient in the languages used by another.                                                                      

What Are Translators?

Since language proficiency in the languages being used is important for communication to ensue, there would be several instances when you would need people to facilitate in the shifting from the use of one language to another.

In a nutshell, these people are called translators, who change any material, whether written or spoken from one language to another. They help to change a word, or a set of words from one language into the “most accurate” or “exact” form, to the other language.

Given the importance of communication in just about all fields, translators indeed play a vital role in various disciplines, especially those that require people to talk to each other on a frequent basis.

Being a Translator is an Easy, Well-Paying Job

The skills needed to be a translator primarily has to be proficiency in the languages concerned. Therefore, the more languages you are fluent in, the more you would excel in this field. While there may be specialized fields that would require you to be more specific when it comes to terminologies, a lot of the “equivalent” words could easily be found online and would be a lot easier to learn, given the proficiency in the use of the language.

Translator’s jobs usually revolve around copy-reading, transcribing of audio files, translation of full documents, and facilitating conversations and transactions done in more than one language. The average rate for a translator is at $19.80 on an hourly basis, which is big considering that the job is not physically laborious. 

Translators facilitate Communication to Ensue

Despite English being the Lingua Franca of the whole world, the reality is, not everybody succeeds in learning or in being proficient in the said language.  The differences in language hinder communication from effectively taking place, given that people might not be proficient or at least proficient in a language other than that of their own.

Translators facilitate communication to ensue, by helping both parties understand each other. Communication is important everywhere you go, as a lot of ventures, such as businesses would fail should it not be established well.

Translation Allows Ideas to be spread

Given that the definition of communication is basically achieving a state of “commonness” through understanding of the parties concerned, this is also the means through which ideas are spread from one person to another.

Ideas in itself are a complex matter, and in cross-cultural communication, it is inevitable that information of any sort would not be spread at all. Ideas, which could include customs, rules, common beliefs, and norms, could be passed on when communicating in other languages, given that language is an integral part of culture, and most of these ideas may be largely absent in other societies. Translators help facilitate this cross-cultural exchange of ideas, which in turn would help both societies concerned advance as a whole. 

Translation Allows Economies and Markets to Boom

Economies and Markets, specifically in the field of trade heavily rely on negotiations and communication in order for them to make the most out of their business. If business transactions are made in a smooth manner possible, which includes finding the appropriate products that fit the needs of the parties concerned, as well as striking deals that would turn out to be a win-win situation, then a lot of these economies would most definitely prosper in the long run. 

Being a Translator is Fun and Fulfilling

While jobs of and relating to translating information from one language to another may seem menial in nature, the reality is that there is actually a lot that goes on with translating jobs. The reason for this is because it allows you to immerse yourself in other people’s culture, which gives you the opportunity to know more about your own culture as well, through the language you study.

This is because the use of certain words, while in translation may seem theoretically correct, may have a cultural context which would encourage you to make use of another one. Moreover, as a translator, you are in constant communication with other people, and in the process you are able to know a lot of interesting facts about them and their country of origin.

Lastly, being able to help people express their ideas in the best way possible would always be a fulfilling job for anyone to do. 


Translating jobs, especially from one language to English, is one which is easy if you are proficient in multiple languages. It is a decent-paying job, and one which allows you to immerse yourself in not just your own culture and society, but also in that of others through making constant use of both languages.

Translators are important in this multilingual modern society, to allow smooth and effective communication to ensue, which would further contribute to the progress of society as a whole. If you believe that being a translator is the career path for you, then you might as well check Translation 101.

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