Translation from Spanish to English Where to Find Jobs

Translation from Spanish to English: Where to Find Jobs

The translation industry is the fastest growing industry. As a matter of fact, its growth is four times as rapid in terms of the number of individuals employed compared to other jobs.

If you’re on the lookout for an occupation, are fluent in speaking Spanish, and if you would want to help people with their language and communication needs, then translation Spanish to English jobs would most definitely be the best ones for you.

Most of the time, the requirements that have been mentioned above are the most important factors needed in order for you to begin translating.

If you would want to take your translating stint to the next level, however, you would definitely have to make it a point to study and get a certification. When it comes to studying, there are several universities throughout the United States that offer full-time language degrees which are more suited for non-working individuals and those who are not proficient in the new language they wish to learn.

If you are already proficient in the language, on the other hand, it would be much easier for you to achieve your aspirations of becoming a translator, as all you need to do is to study short-term courses and prepare yourself for certification exams to be given out by competent certifying bodies, the most popular of which being the ATA, or the American Translator Association.

Where can I find Jobs?

Before we go into the more specific firms, you will most likely be expected to specialize the language registers respective of the field.

The most common applications of Spanish to English translation are the fields of law, medicine, as well as jobs that make use of language. For the latter, you would encounter news prints and the media reports in the form of news articles, documentaries, written and recorded interviews, journals, and the like.

For the medical field, you would encounter translating patient records, and in some instances you would serve as real-time translators, should the doctor and patient not be proficient in the same language.

The same principle is applied in the law field, where translators would step in for clients of attorneys who are non-English speaking, but cater to services in dominantly English Speaking countries. For both law firms and the medical fields, a deeper study concerning the specific terms have to be undergone for the output of translation to be of the best quality as possible.

Firms that Hire Translators


UpWork is one of the most popular sites for those who wish to find an online job. Having said that, those who wish to do translation jobs in the comfort of their own home could simply register and login to this website, and look for translation jobs. The type of translation jobs you can expect here are usually paid on either a per-work or an hourly basis, and could either be part-time or full-time.


Established in the year 1973, Protranslating remains to be one of the most popular agencies that people higher for various translation purposes. The reason for this is because of the ethics and the hard work that their employers put in each translation job they are to work on.

They are also successful at combining the knowledge of their skilled linguists with modern technology in order for the translation duties to actually work out. They specialize in translating of websites, while allowing the clients and even third party individuals to effectively check the progress of the work which they hired Protranslating for.


ASTA was established in 1987 and takes pride in being one of the companies that offer an extensive array of services to clients. Apart from English to Spanish, ASTA is capable of translating English to as much as 70 other languages, with the help of their expert linguists.

Some of the services which they offer include services for International Law Firms, Global Investment Banking, and Automobile Manufacturing. Their experts are usually just one call away and offer Business, Official, Legal, Medical, Technical, and Financial translation services, and thus take pride in being a translating firm that not only leaves clients satisfied, but also one that contributes to globalization as well.

Assured Language Solutions

Another Spanish to English Translation firm that’s willing to reach out in terms of services is the ALS, or the Assured Language Solutions. Just like that of ASTA-USA, they are also offering translation services to people from all over the world, regardless of the discipline. Their services could include web translation, court documents, technology manuals, presentations for corporate use, etc.

The company guarantees fast delivery and never misses a deadline. They also have one of the most extensive lists of languages in which they could translate to, with a massive 200 languages, thrice more than other popular firms.


Last, but definitely not the least on this list is Verba++. As with all other companies listed above, they offer services for localization, usually with English being the language of concern.

Despite the fact that they specialize in Italian to English translations and vice versa, they still accept those who are on the lookout for someone who could translate their Spanish work for them. This is also understood, given that Italian and Spanish languages share several similarities in terms of grammar, pronunciation and structure.


Given the list of firms stated above, it could be said that indeed, it is not hard for anyone to find a job in the English to Spanish translation domain. This also makes sense given that in the United States, Spanish is the most widely-spoken non-English Language with a massive 37 million speakers spread throughout the country.

Also, since there are medical, law, and other transactions going on a regular basis, you could almost always be assured of a stable job and a great income. Also, you have the option to do translating jobs in the comfort of your own home, as a lot of these jobs are home-based in nature.

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