Make Money Translating

Make Money Translating

Thousands or maybe even millions of people nowadays have a WFH, or work from home, job. These jobs are typically doing anything a client wants to outsource, from bookkeeping to writing, taking calls, writing resumes, web development, and loads more. One of the best and nicest jobs you could have is being a translator, which has a high salary and allows you to have a flexible schedule.

You can have your translating materials all worked up and translated in just one night or you can divide it into several days depending on your mood or preference. It is guaranteed that you can make money translating, but the question would be how? Where would you start? Where should you look for clients? Can you demand a high rate? Plus any other possible concerns you might have.

Know the Definition

First and foremost, you need to know and understand what translation is. Translating is the process of converting a text or written material from a certain language to another and the entity that does all this conversion is known as the translator.

Not all translators are humans. Translating could be done by computer software or a web app. A good example would be Google. Google has a translate feature that allows you to translate a designated amount of text into whatever known languages the web app has. But software, apps and programs have boundaries.

The end result usually has errors, such as the positioning of the  translated words, exact word conversion (does not go through the meaning or application of the material or text being translated) and more.

Also, note that there are different types of a translation. It can either be technical, financial, legal, scientific, judicial or literary.

What You Need

You need to have knowledge of different languages, as expected. You cannot translate anything if you only know one specific language. It is a great advantage if you know English, as it is the usual material or output of the whole process.

In addition, there are materials that require great skills and expertise of a certain field. An example would be a legal translation. One must know how legality or law works because you are translating legal documents used in courts, business, immigration and more. The documents or materials that are being translated are delicate and need a high level of accuracy.

The same goes for financial, literary and other types.

Salary Rates

The salary being a translator is very promising. For an expert skill level freelance translator with loads of clients sending him materials to be translated can earn to about $100,000 yearly depending on the country to which the translator is located and what language he or she is converting the material. You can research the rates by country and language by searching it up on different job hiring websites.

Where to Apply

You can choose to apply for any firms available in the country you are currently living, but the most efficient way to both look for a job and find clients would be online with a work-at-home job. There are so many legit and credible websites you can use to fish for a client. All you need to do is register and fill out forms that show your current skill level, along with other descriptions that can attract a client.

These jobs, however, are not a stable job. It is usually project-based, paid per number of words or pages. It can end right after the translations are finished, depending on your client or employer.

The nice thing about it is that you can choose to have as many clients as you want without having to sign a contract. Without being bound to any employment entity, you can have as many translations as you want from different people resulting to a higher income.

Three Legit and Credible Freelancing Translation Website

ProTranslating is an international translating agency located in Florida. It is a well-known company in the translating industry. They promote a nice working environment and hire the most friendly and group-efficient people making the job more fun and enjoyable to work. They usually outsource most of the jobs in different countries because it is in their advantage to have people settling all over the world and making their scope of language translation wider.

UpWork, formerly known as ODesk, is the most popular and high-ranked freelancing website that offers thousands of translating jobs for different languages and for people who want to earn money working at home. The company works by a two-way registration: one for the client who is looking for someone to do the job and the other for someone who is looking for a job.

The client has the privilege to post for a job, indicating the job description and other details such as salary, long term or part time, full time or project-based. They can also try to fish prospects that are highly suited for the job.

The person who looks for a job can register and showcase his or her skills by filling out a form and try to pass some tests given by UpWork. A successful hire or employment ensures UpWork a percentage of the salary or fines the employer a monthly charge.

Gengo is a trustworthy and credible company that allows you to make money translating. Gengo requires you to sign up through their website and take a series of exams for the preferred language you have chosen and wait for the results to be assessed.

Once the assessors (employed professional translators) are finished with your work and you have passed, you can work for them right away and start to make money by translating documents of your chosen language.


The starting salary these website offers are around $0.03 per word. It may sound low but it’s actually quite okay. Translating 2,000 words per day, working with flexible hours, sums up to about $300 per week, from Monday to Friday.

In addition, this can be a great secondary job wherein you can do your translation after your shift from your primary job or before you go to sleep. Time of work all depends on you as long as you meet up with the designated deadline.

You can check out more about translation jobs here.

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