Legal Translation Jobs

Legal Translation Jobs

As some of you know, legal translation jobs are very neat jobs that pay well and are, more importantly,  thrilling and noteworthy careers. This task, however, is slightly difficult, as you need to have knowledge with several languages and how different cultures work.

Every country, state and culture has different laws to follow and it requires you to have at least some knowledge about legalities. The reason is because there are foreign cases that your court may be assigned to handle. Some things that might have been illegal in the country the accused came from won’t be in your country.

The documents handled by a legal translator must be dealt with finesse, fidelity and accuracy because most of the materials translated are used by justice systems for both criminal and civil  aspects. It may seem hard but the satisfaction of being able to translate or accurately convert your assigned materials and hear them being used in proceedings has a rewarding feeling.

In addition, the job of a legal translator does not just revolve inside the courtroom or a courthouse. Legal translators are often hired by big time business owners or companies who want to establish legal ground rules, do business with a foreign individual or start a partnership with other companies to translate to a specific language.

Legal translators also have certain amount of clients from small-time home rentals, apartments or hotels because it is inevitable to have foreign tenants or occupants renting. Those clients need the lease, contract, or rules and regulations to be translated.

Two Types of Legal Translation

Standard Translation

It involves two legal translators. The materials or documents are translated by the first legal translator that has knowledge in legalities and possibly a high level of expertise.

After a thorough translation, the result will be forwarded to the second translator to be checked and reviewed. The reason for this is that the translator who is in charge of translating the documents will have a difficult time looking for his own errors as words start to scramble after spending a long period of time translating.

Legal Review Translation

In this type of legal translation, the documents or materials translated will be reviewed and assessed by a lawyer. The lawyer will thoroughly check the end result of the translator, verify if it passes certain standard or criteria, give necessary corrections and suggestions.

There is no person who could do a better job in checking and reviewing legal documents including translations than a lawyer, but hiring a lawyer to do this process at the end of every translation made by your legal translator will slightly cost you.

Tips for an Efficient Legal Translation

Look for an Expert Level Translator

We all know that there are so many freelance translators available at a cheap and reasonable price, but always try to do a screening before you start handing out legal documents.

Materials used in legal translation are highly delicate and hiring just any translator, especially those who have low rates or still have no credibility, would end up with your documents having too many errors and loopholes. Sometimes poorly-translated documents may even need to be re-translated, costing your more money instead of saving.

An expert level translator has so much experience and knowledge with different legal tasks. They will do a series of reviewing, assessing, and proofreading to not only translate words but will also provide the new document in its correct grammar. This is not a form or type of translation of an entry or beginner level translator.

Have the Result or Output Certified or Notarized

After various screenings with the translated legal document, have a legal firm or agency stamp the result for it to be made official. This means that it is now an official legal document for the new language it was translated to and can now be used by whomever for legal purposes. The process includes attesting for validity and accuracy of the end result.

Documents That Need Legal Translation

As you know, there are so many documents in the legal field that need translation. You might not know this, but legal translators are in demand and are oftentimes scarce due to the amount of people that need legal translation, mostly in legal firms, embassies, businesses, and more.

Below is the list of documents where it is possible to have the documents legally translated:

  • Birth certificates/death certificates
  • Legal ruling reports
  • Adoption papers
  • Partnership deeds
  • Litigation
  • Passports and licenses
  • Police interviews
  • Contracts
  • Technical documents
  • Court documents
  • Immigration papers
  • Complaints
  • Real estate titles
  • Corporations
  • Deeds
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Summons
  • Sales contracts
  • Regulations
  • Wills and testaments
  • Insurance policies
  • Patents
  • Powers of attorney
  • Witness transcriptions
  • Lease papers
  • Financial statements
  • Laws
  • Letters of credit
  • Affidavits
  • Legislation
  • Contracts

There are so many more, but this list is the usual documents a legal translator works with. As you can see, all the documents listed are delicate materials where inaccuracies or wrongly translated words can cause conflicts that might end negatively, creating misunderstanding and disagreement.

Poorly choosing a legal translator to do these kinds of jobs might cost you to lose a case, lose money in your business, cancel business partnerships, result in penalties and fines, unapproved immigration requests, etc.

Because of these strenuous tasks, legal translators are usually the highest paid translators among all types. Always doubt a legal translator trying to tell you that they are best fitted in the job if they try to market themselves at a low cost. A professional or expert level legal translator knows their price and would not settle for less. They would probably charge you extra for reviewing and proofreading jobs.

Fortunately, today there are plenty of software or computer programs that are being sold on the market to assist and aid legal translators to do a much better and accurate legal translation. Although it still requires them to have a wide knowledge in culture and legality, sometimes this technological advancement can hasten their work and allows them to hand in your fully translated documents in just a few hours or days.

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