How To Find Translation Jobs

How To Find Translation Jobs

Okay, so you have done all that you can to prepare yourself as a successful freelance translator. While that’s great, it can only take you so far into the process of landing a successful position in your translating niche. Perhaps you have already taken steps, applying for jobs on freelance websites and awaiting feedback, yet still, you have not found anything. That’s okay, and in the world of freelance it is more than natural.

There are plenty of resources that you can gather to find out how to find translation jobs, you just have to be aware of where they are.

One of these resources is the Translation 101 guidebook, providing you all the necessary steps at starting out, and transforming into a successful translator. You can find a direct link to the guidebook at 

Staying Assertive On Price

Let’s face it, no one likes a freelancer who wavers on giving a price or timeline, especially not potential clients. Being assertive is one of the many things you will learn over at

Besides setting proposals and sending clients your resume, there is no better way to show off that you are serious by setting your own price range.

Let your clientele now how much you cost per hour, or if they prefer the cost per word for your service. While it is important not to oversell yourself, most freelancers make the mistake of underselling themselves in the end.

It is important to understand that you might not get paid as much as you like at the start of your career, but that does not mean you should be overworked for how little you may be getting paid. Set up an average rate for your service, but be negotiable.

Clients enjoy knowing that you are willing to work with them, and if you have been working for a particular client long enough, and have gained their trust, then if they are smart, they will not have a problem with you raising your price a bit.

Make Yourself Available When Others Are Not is a Great Way To Find Translation Jobs

One of the many truths of starting out in freelance is that if you are to be successful, you must be prepared to work hard when normal jobs would allow you time off.

During holiday and vacation periods, successful and professional translators are likely to reject work, as they are taking time off and refuse to work during certain times of the year.

This is your time to strike. During holiday and vacation periods, employers often scramble to get small projects finished in a timely manner. If you make yourself available to work during these times of the year, then you are likely to find a short term client that will pay you well, or at the very least, will pay you for your quality service. As often happens, this may turn out to be a long term relationship starting.

What If You Have No Experience, And Employers Still Don’t Want To Hear From You?

One of the best ways to find experience of any kind is through volunteer service. Employers LOVE hearing that you have volunteer experience, because it shows that you are willing to work hard when payment is not involved, and they are more likely to give you a paying position, knowing that you are passionate about your work.

This is another example however of how you are going to have to work hard in order to get your start as a freelance translator. For most, the process of starting a career is not an easy one. Do not be surprised if you must resort to getting a traditional part-time job at a local store or the like.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in doing so. These jobs are for keeping yourself maintained while you start your career.

Can I Offer My Services As A Translator For Free

As an introductory offer, yes you can and it may turn out to be a great marketing move. Hopefully you won’t find it necessary to do this but there is nothing wrong in offering, for example, to translate one document of say, up to 300 words for free.

Some people will take advantage of you and never use you again, but that happens in every business, just about everywhere. You may want to restrict the offer to businesses as opposed to offering it to everyone.

I say this because you may end up with every member of a family (and maybe some friends) bringing in one document each to be translated and before you know it, you’ve translated their entire package of immigration papers, house purchase contracts or school transcripts for free. These people would probably only use you once anyway, free or not, so you might as well get paid. A business, on the other hand, will be far more likely to use you again if you did a good job.

I would resist the temptation to use the “buy one translation, get the second one free” kind of tactic. Most people just assume that you’ve inflated the overall price to cover the promotion.

Try Joining Crowd-Funded Translation Organization to Find Translation Jobs

While crowd funded translation programs are usually unpaid programs, they are another great way to find volunteer work in which translation is the main commodity needed. Take for example the free online translation service Duolingo.

New languages are provided under the non-profit service every year. If you take a look at the individuals responsible for creating the courses provided by the service, they are unpaid volunteers who showed interest in teaching other how to speak foreign languages.

Turning to online services in general is a fantastic way to find volunteer positions, as most websites are in constant need of translations. Take for example Wikipedia. The service is provided in more languages than just English.

Offering up your translation abilities to a crowd funded website such as that one is a great way to a have a constant stream of work for you to hone your skills with, as well as work with information that you may find interesting.

So, What Is The Way To Go About Getting Jobs In Translation

You must walk as a freelance translator along a fine line. You must be willing to work at low rates of payments, until you grow to become credible in the business; however you must show a sense of authority for the work and content you provide, and must make sure not to pay taken advantage of.

If you must resort to working for volunteer services or department stores in your residential area, do not worry. In fact, be pleased with yourself that you are doing what is necessary to become successful in the future; you will thank yourself later.

No one will hire you if you do not have some form of experience to cement your ability, so you must be prepared to show off your skills free.

Lastly, finding out just how to get a translation job is all about being passionate, and continuously working hard. A college background is not necessary, but does go a long way in showing your interest for the field.

If you really want to learn more and cannot afford the luxury of post high school education, that try taking a look at books and manuals from people who have worked in the business, such as Translation 101 at

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