How to Find a Quality Freelance Translator Website

How to Find a Quality Freelance Translator Website

If you are looking for a freelance translator website you might find thousands of results. Every new website wants to be different, to have something unique for freelancers to remember and return or become a member. offers the perfect gateway to financial freedom as an online translator. There are so many companies looking for translators that being in the right place will always pay off.

So how do you recognize a good freelance translator website?

Availability of clients

Clients are the lifeblood of any freelance translator. A website without clients represents a road to nowhere for freelancers. The truth is there are plenty of clients across the world, but bringing them to a certain website is not easy.

This is particularly true with new websites which start with a promising outlook but eventually fail due to the lack of clients or freelancers. Since many of these websites aim to bring people over from other platforms, the clients need to have a very good reason to switch, which is where most new ventures fail.

Availability of translation jobs

But having clients is not everything. Having available money-making opportunities such as with is the true potential which a freelancer notices immediately.

Since many jobs are temporary, translation work needs to have a constant flow on the website. This way both the freelancers and those who hire them have the ability to find the best person for the project.

In the modern world, freelancers are starting to specialize more and more which means they will tend to look for specialized translation opportunities. This means that a website needs to have plenty of niche options for all types of translation.

Transparent process

Having an easy to use website is crucial today. A straightforward process is everything needed for the website’s users.

These days, they will penalize the website for any added unnecessary or complicated steps. This means they will see a problem and hopefully report it immediately.

If the problem persists, there is a high chance that the users will look elsewhere; this usually means the user is lost forever. Although these types of websites are making constant upgrades, some are still falling behind on essential features.

Both the employer and the freelancer need to know there is a safety net, that the funds the employer pays are secure until approval to pay is given; conversely the freelancer needs to be assured that the money is available to be paid. If these basic indicators are not met, there is not enough trust to attract new freelancers.

Helpful support

24/7 support is the only type of accepted support in the modern age. If you want to succeed as a freelance translator, at some point you will need the guidance of the platform you are working with.

If you want a dedicated approach such as with, you will need to screen possible websites from the beginning. This will save you potential problems and time wasting issues down the road.

Good support combines some of the popular communication areas with online, phone and email being among the top choices. A good translator dedicated website will understand that losing time eventually means losing income, for both parties.

Mobile integration

One of the best areas to invest as a translator website is into mobile integration. Modern freelancers work from everywhere. They can work from home, coffee shops, co-work spaces etc. This means they will need mobile solutions.

This tendency is only going to increase with the development of mobile devices. Today, a freelance translator can stay in touch with customers via email, text, instant messaging, Facebook, video and regular voice calling using just a smartphone. A regular PC is still the best device to use but at least when away from the computer the freelancer can always respond to urgent requests. This type of instant communication and response is what can differentiate between a standard web-based business and an outstanding one. Therefore, the website a translator uses to receive work referrals is crucial.

The messaging, alerts and other notification systems always need to be updated to work to meet the latest requirements. Even more, websites that invest in the website’s optimization for mobile devices are highly regarded among translators.

Satisfaction rate

The satisfaction rate is an indicator which encompasses all of the above criteria. It gives the users a clear idea on how the website performs.

Once a user has a clear idea on the performance of the website from personal experience, it is hard to change this idea even for better or for worse. This type of business psychology is what many new translation websites struggle with.

Of course, that main drive behind the satisfaction rate is the ability to make money as is the case with If online translators make money, they are willing to overlook other issues of the website, at least until a competitor’s website comes along.

This is why it is important to make a good first impression and to keep translators motivated to work with the platform.

Review system

The review system is one of the few safety nets of any translator website. The reviews work both ways, for the employer and for the freelancer.

It has the minimum guarantee for indicators such as cooperation, quality of work or payment regularity. It is also a quick indication of the type of projects translators can associate with.

Since they can read a quick review on a certain employer, the freelancer can have a basic idea on the fit for a certain project and, how the employer generally operates, by reading their comments, do they reject a lot of work or cancel projects, etc.  Since freelancers also work independently, each will have a personal style, working rate, working schedule etc., and some of this information may be available to the employer. This way, the employer can then make their judgement call as to whether it is a good fit.

This means that by assessing the reviews each party can have a clearer understanding of what to expect. Surprisingly, many new websites limit the review system under certain situations.

Although they think they are protecting the users, in the long term the loss of trust in the platform can be irreplaceable.

A freelance translator website such as  Real Translator Jobs can offer the needed opportunities for freelancers. As a quality website, its main role is to provide translators with a real platform to make an online income.

Since many websites can fail at providing this basic and most important element to its users, it`s no wonder that so many translators are constantly hopping from one website to another.

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