Entry Level Translation Jobs All You Need To Know!

Entry Level Translation Jobs: All You Need To Know!

Once you have begun your career as a translator, you will have to understand where to start looking. You can’t just go onto your web browser and expect to find a job right from the get go. There is a lot of marketing, branding, and freelancing knowledge required in order to effectively find a position that is suitable to your level of expertise, so that you will not be overwhelmed with the work flow, and will be able to gain quality experience.

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Finding An Entry Level Translation Job

Before you actually find a job in the field of translation, you are going to have to make yourself seem presentable. This means showing yourself off as a reliable, worthy employee. In the world of freelance, things tend to move a lot faster than normal when it comes to job applications. In order to make yourself stand out, you will need to follow these steps down to the T.

Having a Memorable Resume

It would be simple to say to you “have a good resume”, but the fact of the matter is that you cannot get most jobs without having some form of a good resume. As a starting out translator, making a resume that is not only good, but also memorable to the employer, is imperative.

The best way to ensure that your resume is memorable is by tailoring it to the employer specifically. Meaning, each time you apply for a new translation job, you will have to size up certain information, and cut some of the unnecessary information out of resume entirely.

It may be repetitive to say, but you should always show the company that you are interested in them beyond all other employers, even if it is not true.

Show That You Are More Than Just A Translator

The sad truth of the world is that for every translator there is, there are two more that know just as many languages as them. So how do you make yourself more attractive to the employer when there are dozens of other translator who are just as capable?

The goal is to be a person. You want to show off to the employer that you are more than just a translator, that you are someone who is conversational in multiple languages; who can put their own spin on a piece of text and make it all the more valuable.

Anyone, given enough time, can learn two or three languages, and look to start a career as a translator. The ones who look to stretch beyond the piece of text will get chosen by employers to do the work. So don’t just be a translator, be a person with some character.

Have Your Voice Heard, Keep Your Ears Open, and Your Eyes Focused

You must do a few important things once you have created a good resume that shows you are a unique translator. The first is to make yourself marketable. Set yourself up on online freelancer boards, such as Upwork or Freelancer. This will be a good way to get your foot through the door and show that you mean business.

The second is to keep your ears open. Once you have begun marketing yourself, make sure to actively be ready to hear from employers and or job offers.

The third and last step is to keep your eyes focused. If you don’t look at your email frequently, now is the time to start doing so.


What Are Some Types of Entry Level Translation Jobs?

When starting out as a freelance translator, you have to expect to climb your way up from the bottom, as with any career. Some of these jobs listed may not be the sort of positions you would expect, but they are important enough to dip your toe in the water and get some real experience.

You should feel a sense of pride when you start out as a freelancing translator, but the truth of the matter is that you can’t apply for jobs that are beyond your skill level.

Trying to do so will only end in a scenario that causes you to feel worse about your abilities. There is nothing wrong with starting out small, even if it means not making a lot of money. They are called entry level jobs for a reason.

Translation Project Reviews

You may be given the job of overseeing the editorial status of a project done by a more experienced translator. This is great for racking up experience, and seeing firsthand what kind of articles you could translate in the future.

Translation Project Management

Translation agencies with a lot of employees may need someone on-site that is looking to enter the field of translation, without having experience or being trained as a project manager. In this position, you will be responsible for getting the translation work done, and checking it’s quality. You would also need to respond to clients in a professional way. If you are looking to enter the legal or financial translation niches, this is more than a great way to get yourself involved.

Small Size Translation Jobs

As with all freelance positions, employers are going to want to see what you are made of. This can be a tough step to overpass if you do not have any translation jobs to use as a reference. Luckily, some employers will allow for a small test run of a project, to see how fast and how good your quality of work is.

While it may not pay much, this is a great way to get yourself involved with a long-term employer and at the very least, show off that you have some experience to potential future clients.

In Conclusion

Entry-level translation jobs are about as easy to find as any other freelance job. It can be hard to follow explicit directions such as the one provided to you above, because every worker’s experience will be different. If you want to look for a great way to mold a strategy into your everyday job search, be sure to check out Translation 101 at Translation101.net

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