At Wanted Translator, we have always had a fascination with travel, doing business overseas, and through this we’ve learned how essential translation is for good communication, not to mention the legal pitfalls that may come your way. We have seen several examples of even “sophisticated businesses” simply trusting the other party, even though documents were in a foreign language. We also see businesses or individuals typing the contents of their foreign language documents into Google or Bing Translate in order to get a translation, often with disastrous consequences.

The above are some of the reasons that translation is becoming more in demand. It is our wish to help you become part of this growing industry.

What we do is quite simple, we bring you the latest developments in the translation field, provide background information and identify the best opportunities for you to succeed as a translator. You bring your ability to speak two languages

In this increasingly globalized world, translation services are becoming more and more important and relevant.