Work From Home: Online Translation Jobs

In today’s world, technology is now a big part of our lives. It has paved the way to the information superhighway, which makes the impossible become reality. We can now communicate to people around the world, order from restaurants online, book and check into flights online, get answers fast, and more. One of the most helpful contributions of technology is online jobs such as online translation jobs, content writing, building websites, virtual assistance, and more.

This article tackles information about online translation jobs including the skills and knowledge that you need, the degree that you should obtain, websites where you can find these jobs, and more. Being bilingual is the first step to become an online translator, but the requirement is much more than just being bilingual. Read further to know how to enter the world of online translation jobs.

What is translation?

Translation is the ability to convert written documents from one language into a target language. defines a translator as “someone who conveys material communicated in one language such as English into another language – like French, Chinese, or Spanish – without losing the literal meaning or nuances of the original work.”

Translation is a career that can pay you a lot of money. If you do it through the internet, you can conveniently work from home. However, sometimes, some people view online translation jobs as a kind of career that won’t get you anywhere. Is there anything that you can do to advance this career? Fortunately, there is.

Online translation jobs: where it all starts

There are many kinds of online jobs that many people turn to make a living or to earn additional earnings. Some people do it to cover daily expenses, or to save up for something such as trip abroad or an expensive gadget. Depending on your passion and niche, you can also find and choose which online job you prefer that can give you additional earnings in return.

Online translation jobs are high paying jobs, which many freelancers enjoy. To be able to do a job well, you should first enjoy it. Many online translators have a keen interest and love for another language in which they are fluent. This is where most of them start, aside from the need for added income.

Difference between a translator and an interpreter

Many beginners are confused with the two terms: translator and interpreter. Both are closely related linguistic disciplines but many people practice only one of them. Most people can’t practice both because of their differences.

A translator has the ability to express himself and write clearly in another language. He has a good knowledge of the source language and the culture of the country where the text comes from. He uses a good number of dictionaries and reference materials to translate from his native language into the target language. Usually, a translator does it in one way and it is only into his native language.

On the other hand, an interpreter has the ability to translate languages in both directions promptly without any use of reference materials and dictionary. It comes in two forms: simultaneous and consecutive.

Simultaneous interpretation happens during conferences. The translator sits inside a booth with headphone and mic which they use to deliver translated message to foreign delegates and guests. The translator should be able to understand the general meaning of the sentence.

Consecutive interpreting happens when the interpreter steps in once the speaker stops every 1 to 5 minutes. To be able to remember the spoken language, the interpreter in consecutive interpretation takes notes.

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How to qualify in online translation jobs

As stated earlier, being bilingual is a first step to becoming a translator, but aside from that, you need to be fluent. Being fluent is being able to read, write, speak, and understand another language at an educated native speaker level. Are you planning to get into online translation jobs? Here are some important things you need to qualify for these jobs:

Get certified

Potential clients look for proof that you can do the job. One of the most effective ways to show clients that you are qualified is certifications from language organizations. If you plan to translate language into medical context, get certification from the International Medical Interpreters Association; for legal contexts, get it from National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, and the American Translators Association. Getting certification is the best way to start online translation jobs.

Pass the language tests

Taking and passing language tests also shows potential clients that you are fluent and expert in translating from your native language into the target language. Including your scores from these language tests is an excellent complement to your resume.

Gain experience

Another good qualification that you can showcase is your translation experience. How can you gain experience? You can gain it from internships or working in entry level jobs. Volunteer opportunities will also hone your translation skills.

Build your network

Aside from experience, you can also build your network through internships and entry level jobs. Usually, experienced translators get hired because of recommendations and referrals from their network. You can also build your network by attending conferences, and joining online forums.

Create accounts with online job websites

When you think that you are ready to jumpstart your career in online translation jobs, it is time to create accounts with online job websites. These are perfect venues to apply for online translation jobs and be seen by potential clients. In the beginning, you might find it difficult to get hired and be offered higher pay, but as you gain experience, you will also gain more clients and get hired with higher rates.

Nowadays, getting jobs online is the most convenient way to use your skills and knowledge and earn money. Most people prefer it because it is convenient; it doesn’t require them to wake up early in the morning and drive (or commute) to offices. Online jobs are location independent and time independent. You can work anywhere and anytime that is convenient to you as long as you finish and deliver the job on time.

The Real Translator Jobs

There are many websites where you can post and find online jobs. However, not all of them are trustworthy. Some require sign up fees before you can get started. The technique to jumpstart online translation jobs is to find reliable websites.

One of the good websites is Real Translator Jobs, where thousands of clients and freelancers post and find online translation jobs. Online freelancers discover this simple website where they get hired instantly and get paid reasonable fees in their own chosen currency. Payment channels are convenient too – bank transfers, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

With Real Translator Jobs, you can work from home, part time or full. You can apply your translation skills at your own convenience.

Do you need a degree for online translation jobs?

Many people who aspire to get online translation jobs ask questions such as “Do I need to have a degree to get hired for online translation jobs?” The answer simply is: no but with exceptions. Conference translators usually do not have a degree but they do well.

As long as you are smart and dedicated, you can get hired for online translation jobs. Meet the criteria mentioned above such as getting certifications, taking the tests, building your network, and creating accounts on online translation job websites.

If you plan on getting translation jobs in higher institutions such as the state courts, United Nations, etc., a degree is not necessary. In the United States, the requirements for translators in federal offices are passing the court interpreter exam, 18 years old and above, and be eligible to work in the United States. So as long as you are highly motivated and smart, you can get the job and get paid the rate.

Perks of having a degree

In the United States, a person who does not have a bachelor’s degree is seen as “an individual who didn’t go to college,” while a person who have a degree is seen as “someone who went to college.” In the real world, you will be judged according to what education you finish or earn.

If your parents will not be funding your college, you are on your own. Pursuing online translation jobs is a good solution to fund your studies. This job can give you enough pay to support your college if you are hardworking and smart enough. Strong language skills are also required to get online translation jobs.

How much a degree would cost?

If you decide to pursue a degree related to language, consider how much it would cost you. In the United States, college could cost up to $50,000 per year. This covers the tuition, fees, meals, and housing at a private university. In Europe, it would cost just the same with lower tuition fees and higher cost of living.

If you plan to take up a second degree related to language and linguistics, consider the potential earnings you could lose. If you have online translation jobs while you pursue another degree or master’s degree, you could lose up to $150,000 potential earnings in one year. It is quite huge but if you look into the long run, you can easily earn back this amount when you become a translator at major international organizations.

To answer the most asked question “Do I need a degree to do online translation jobs?” the answer is “No.” Online translation jobs do not require any degree as long as you have the skills, keen interest, and passion for the target language. You can get hired when you have credentials, take language tests, build your network, and look for online translation jobs on websites.

However, if you plan on getting translation jobs in federal offices and major international organizations such as state courts, United Nations Department of States, European Union, etc., a degree is vital. It will prepare you to do the job with higher responsibility. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, pursue a master’s degree related to language and linguistics.

Translating a book

One form of online translation jobs is translating a book. Whether you have a client you have met online or are translating a book for a publisher, make sure that you know how and where to start. The important thing is to plan ahead and adjust your schedule while in the process of translating a book. You should also recognize that translating a book is time consuming and a long term commitment.

Know your time

Everyone knows that it takes hours of hard work to successfully translate a book. If you are not sure when you can finish the book, be honest with your client or publisher. You can always negotiate about the deadline and price so that everything will be clear between you and your client.

You should know that it is important to meet all deadlines regarding the publishing of books. This is because the book has to go through the proofreaders, designer, and printer. If you are not able to finish the translation by the agreed deadline, all these processes will get delayed and cause money to be lost.

Read the book

Before you get started, read the book first (especially if it is fiction). This way you can get to know the characters, understand the story, and know the tone or mode of the book. If the book is self-help or general knowledge, understand what it is trying to express.

Know the author

It will also help you if you get to know about the author. You can do it by researching his works, his biography, his writing styles, and the kinds of books he writes.  Then, try to translate his/her book with the same style and tone.

Hone your book translation skills

If you are not yet confident about your book translation skills, you can hone your skills at Babelcube. In Babelcube, there are many books that you can translate. Your translated books can even get purchased and be featured. If your translation is not sold, it is alright. The advantage that you get the most from here is the experience and for your work to be featured.

How to get hired for online translation jobs

Technology has paved the way to get things done more conveniently and efficiently. While the translator breaks language barriers, the internet shortens the distance among people. The internet has contributed to the proliferation of online translation jobs.

How to get online translation jobs? Simply meet the qualifications mentioned above. It is not easy to do and can’t be done overnight, but with hard work and determination, you can get to where you want to go with regards to your career.

Other online freelance jobs

Aside from online translation jobs, there are many other online freelance jobs that you can have. They can also pay the right amount of money. The secret to online freelance jobs is to build long lasting professional relationships with your clients. Here are other online freelances jobs that are available today:

Data entry

Many companies today are going digital. They look for people who can type paper documents into digital format to be readily available and preserve its content. Many companies outsource this task because it is less expensive. In data entry, you need a computer and the ability to type really fast and accurately.

Interview transcriber

The types of clients who usually need interview transcribers are writers and journalists. These professionals conduct long hours of interviews and most of them have no time to transcribe. Therefore, they resort toonline freelance websites to look for transcribers who can convert the audio file into a text file. The transcribers just have to carefully listen to these recordings, type them out, and send it back as a text file.

Content writer

Companies hire writers who can provide quality content for websites. With new websites that are being made every day, the demand for content writers is high. To be a content writer, you need the ability to express yourself clearly in written manner, a computer or laptop, and stable internet connection. Content writers work on their own time at their own place strictly observing deadlines.

Affiliate blogger

If you have a blog with high traffic and continuously attract a huge number of visitors, companies will offer you to run advertisements on your blog. Many affiliate bloggers have passive income or an income that simply goes on even if they are not working.

What you need is the passion to keep your blog updated and the drive to keep your audience interested and to come back to your blog. The pay scale depends on the number of hits that the ads generate.

There are more online jobs that you need to explore. You only need to find out what are your skills, talents, and interests.

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